Conferences 2019

2019: LTPEP takes part in
34th International Thermal Conductivity Conference  - Plenary Speaker
(Wilmington, DL. USA, June 17-20)

4th International Conference on Dynamics of Distasters (Kalamata, July 1-5)

12th Asian Thermophysical Properties     Conference (Xi'an, P.R. China, October 2-4)
2019: LTPEP organizes
19th International Association for Transport Properties Meeting
(Erlangen, Germany, August 31)

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  Thermophysical Properties of Fluids.  An introduction to their Prediction
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Fires, Explosions & Toxic Gas Dispersions:  Effects Calculation and Risk Analysis

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Georgia Tertsinidou
received her PhD
Many congratulations!!

Best way to start a class,
a Tango!!
wth Vivi Savva in the
Unit Operations class!


A simple welcome video
becomes Viral!!
A soprano in the
Unit Operations class!


SM phd Sofia Mylona
received her PhD
Many congratulations!!

NEW BOOK: Advances in
Transport Properties of Fluids, Royal School of Chemistry 

Prof Marc J. Assael was elected FELLOW of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, UK

LTPEP new funding: MM book
1) with Jiaotong University, P.R.China
MM book
2) with NIST, USA

.ST book
Chapter 66 -Thermal Conductivity Measurement

.ST book
Chapter 6 in book
about Josef Stefan

.MM book
New book on Environmental Mass Transfer

.KA phd
Konstantinos Antoniadis
received his PhD
Many congratulations!!


1983 - 2019
11 books & 28 chapters in books
193 scientific papers, 
173 conference presentations
(7,400 citations, h-index: 43)


Thermal Conductivity
& Viscosity

are provided
over extended range
of conditions



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