Thermal diffusivity dependence on temperature of single crystals applied in nonlinear optics

D. Trefon-Radziejewska1 and J. Bodzenta1

1Institute of Physics CND, Gliwice, Poland

Keywords: temperature dependence, thermal diffusivity, thermal wave measurement, nonlinear optic crystals
property: thermal diffusivity
material: YAG, YVO4 and GdCOB single crystals

Determination of thermal diffusivity dependence on temperature was investigated for pure YAG, YVO4 and GdCOB single crystals and crystals doped with a different concentration of rare earth ions like Nd3+ and Yb3+ . Measurements were carried out for temperature range from 310 K to 573 K. Thermal diffusivity was determine by the thermal wave method with a mirage detection. Each sample was placed in an evacuated chamber between two resistance heaters in order to control the mean temperature in the whole volume of the sample. Additionally, one of the heaters generated a periodic temperature disturbance by heating and cooling the upper sample surface with a constant frequency 100 mHz. The effect of temperature changes and doping concentration on thermal diffusivity for studied crystals was discussed.

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