Fuzzy algorithm for location of nanoparticles in specific areas where are dropped for photothermal measurements

B. Briseño Tepepa1


Keywords: fuzzy logic
property: photothermal techniques
material: nano-particles

Now is interest to the scientific community to study the different properties or thermal, mechanical, chemical, nano-particles. In this paper, we propose an algorithm based on fuzzy logic, for the location of a nano-particle or a cluster of them without having to use sophisticated equipment such as telescopes and powerful, based on the rules of fuzzy logic to locate an area where are probable locate nanoparticles and measure any of its properties, depending on the technique to be applied wherever the fuzzy algorithm. The fuzzy logic based systems have been solved easily a lot of problems in areas such as automatic control, communications, and more. As the implementation of such an algorithm to photothermal techniques, is of great interest for our study.

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