Thermal diffusivity behavior of guadua angustifolia kunth as a function of culm zone and moisture content

F. Gordillo-Delgado1, D. Cortes-Hernández1 and E. Marin1

1Laboratorio de Optoelectrónica, Armenia, Colombia
2Centro de Investigación en Ciencia aplicada y Tecnología Avanzada del I.P.N, Unidad Legaria, México D.F, México

Keywords: guadua, thermal diffusivity, photoacoustic, heat transfer
property: thermal diffusivity
material: guadua angustifolia kunth

Guadua agustifolia Kunth is a giant graminea native of Central and South America. This plant captures a lot of carbon dioxide and protects hydrographic watersheds. For this reason, the growing of Guadua is considered environmentally favorable. Furthermore, the use of this forest resource as a structural and decorative element for building has been promoting recently due to special physical and mechanical characteristics. For instance, the Guadua can be used in houses building, laminates manufacture, and decorative items. However, nowadays much of the production chain is inefficiently oriented on the basis of empiric and traditional knowledge. In particular, the drying process exerts influence on cracks that disqualifies the material for some artistic and industrial applications. Thermal characterization allows making models for drying according to particular characteristics of the material, while the measurements of its mechanical parameters lead to classification for different uses. In this work, thermal diffusivity of culm areas along the Guadua: bottom, middle and top were measured and the behavior of this parameter for moisture changing in the samples was study. Photoacoustic technique was utilized for estimating thermal diffusivity, which is a cheap alternative when it is compared with other methods. Results show that heat transport and surface deformation magnitudes are homogeneous along this bamboo. It was found also that this behavior is highly correlated with the morpho-anatomical characteristics of the plant, which were determined through photo-micrographs.

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