The apportionment of the aerodynamic heating and temperature difference in thermal protection structure

G. Yewei1, D. Yanxia1, H. Lixin1, D. Guangqi2 and S. Yue’e2

1China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center, Mianyang, P.R. China
2Beijing Electro-mechanical Engineering Institute, Bejing, P.R. China

Keywords: near space vehicles
property: heat apportionment
material: TPS, CMC

The near space vehicles attract continuing increased interests in recent years, and more and more attentions are paid on non-ablation thermal protection system(TPS). The apportionment mode of the aerodynamic heating and temperature distribution in thermal protection structure are critical to the design of TPS, and to the safety of the vehicle. Based on the fact that the peak heat flux is not in conformity with the temperature increasing in thermal protection structure, the concept of the heat and the temperature difference apportionment, which characterizes the heat transfer and the thermal response essentially in the thermal protection structure is brought forward. By analyzing the apportionment of the heat and the temperature difference, the ways to optimize the TPS and the benefit in mass decreasement and safety increasment can be prospected. The heat and the temperature difference apportionment characteristics of ceramic-matrix composite (CMC) TPS is analyzed as an example in this paper, and some valuable results which are beneficial for the design of TPS are obtained.

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