Study on the design of experimental state parameter of the thermal structure

G. Xiangren1, G. Yewei1, L. Lei2, Z. Lei1 and W. Anling1

1China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center, P.R. China
2State Key Laboratory of Aerodynamics, Mianyang Sichuan, P.R. China

Keywords: thermal environment
property: thermal response; thermal stress
material: experiment status design

During the flight, the hypersonic vehicle will experience severe aerodynamic heating. The materials of local structure may be invalidated due to the intense heating. Even the structure may be damaged due to the thermal stress. To ensure flight safety, commonly, the hypersonic vehicle requires wind tunnel testing to confirm the thermal performances of structures and thermal properties of materials. Limited by the wind tunnel performance, the heating conditions of wind tunnel simulation are very different from the heating conditions of real flight state. How to design the status parameters in wind tunnel simulation, according to the actual aircraft flight, has a very large impact to the validity and reliability of thermal structure assessment test. In this paper, the actual aerodynamic heating environment along the trajectory was obtained using approximate aerodynamic heating method. On this basis, the temperature and stress distributions of the local structure are calculated using three-dimensional numerical computational method. Based on the distribution of the temperature and thermal stress, the enthalpy and stagnation pressure of the flow can be assumed to be the design parameters considering the actual capacity of the wind tunnel. The suitable test state parameters are determined, by comparing the temperature and thermal stress results of experiment state with the results of real flight state at different trajectory times and under different enthalpy. Using this design method, the reasonable state parameters for thermal structure test can be provided. Therefore, this method has great practical value.

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