Measurement of gas solubility of oxygen in pure and mixed solvents at 298 K and 101.3 kPa

H. Yamamoto1, T. Sato1, S. Araki1 and Y. Hamada1

1Kansai University of Suita, Japan

Keywords: fluid property
property: gas solubility
material: organic solvents and ionic liquid

Gas solubility in liquid has been important physical properties in the designs such as the chemical plants, and the absorption towers, oil industry and so on. New experimental apparatus with static method for gas solubility measurement were developed and it’s accuracy for the measurement were tested in this work. The gas solubility has been expressed by Ostwald coefficient. The solubility of oxygen in 15 organic pure solvents are measured at the condition of 298K and 101.3kPa. The average reproducibility was 0.63%, and the mean deviation in the literature values was 1.34%. It is found that this experimental apparatus can measure the gas solubility in high accuracy from reproducibility and deflection. It also indicates that this experimental apparatus is easy-to-use for gas solubility measurement. The solubility of oxygen in the ionic liquid([EMIM][CH3SO4]) was measured with this experimental apparatus. It is found that Ostwald coefficient of oxygen in [EMIM][CH3SO4] was 0.00268, and this value showed lower value than that in water. Solubility of oxygen in mixed solvents as alcohol is one component are measured at the condition of 298K and 101.3kPa. Observed data were correlated using Redlich-Kister type equation.

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