Analysis of maize seed germs by thermal imaging technique using photoacoustic microscopy

A. Dominguez Pacheco1,2, C. Hernandez Aguilar1,2 and A. Cruz Orea2

1Instituto Politécnico Nacional - ESIME zacatenco, Mexico

Keywords: photoacoustic
property: photothermal
material: maize

A study is made to carry out an analysis of different maize seed germs based on thermal images can be obtained by means of photothermal techniques, these techniques in different configurations offer a wide range of applications in the case of photoacoustic microscopy (PAM) technique to obtain thermal images of homogeneous and inhomogeneous materials, where is possible see the differences that may exist in such material, and the open cell photoacoustic technique can obtain the effusivity of the materials. The experimental began with the placement of the seeds of maize seeds in the cell PAM. The photoacoustic cell is hermetically closed and as sensor was using electret microphone. The PA cell is placed on a platform that is mounted on an x-y coordinate axis that moves through a system performing a scan engine point to point on the sample with a resolution of 60 microns, to obtain the effusivity is the sample was placed in pill form with a thickness of 50 microns over the hole in the PA cell sealing the hole in the cell with the tablet to obtain the effusivity, in both cases the photoacoustic signal are sent a Lock-in amplifier, then the data are acquired and recorded on a personal computer. The importance of determining thermal parameters as those working in the areas of agriculture and food to make an appropriate application of the different genotypes of maize seeds.

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