Equation of state of dense fluids in the high pressure – high temperature region

V. Bardik1, N. Malomuzh2 and K. Shakun3

1Kiev Taras Shevchenko National University, Ukraine
2Odessa National University, Ukraine
3Odessa National Maritime Academy, Ukraine

Keywords: equation of state, free energy expansion, thermodynamic perturbation theory, short range potential
property: isothermal compressibility
material: noble fliuds, nitrogen, oxygen, water, methane, ethane

In our study we consider the problem of the statistical-mechanic foundation of the equation of state (EoS) of fluids within the framework of the generalized approach [1]. A variant of the thermodynamic perturbation theory based on scaling transformation of the partition function has been applied to the functional expansion of the free energy. The various modifications of EoS have been obtained for a number of simple model potentials on the basis of the free energy functional series at a certain choice of small expansion parameters. The application of the proposed EoS to many molecular liquids at high pressure is presented. The special attention is paid to the high pressure EoS for water. Here we started from the polarization Stillinger-David potential. The effective potential, taking into account the influence of H-bonds, is constructed.

  1. V. Bardic, N. Malomuzh, K. Shakun, V. Sysoev, Journal of Molecular Liquids. (2010), in press.

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