Measurement of output power of thermophotovoltaic cells using a pseudo blackbody surface

K. Hanamura1, Y. Taniguchi1, P. Jayavel1, E. Srinivasan1, H. Fukai1 and A. Yamada1

1Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Keywords: thermophotovoltaics, conversion efficiency, hemispherical irradiation
property: output power of electricity
material: GaSb semicondutor

Characteristics of generation of electricity by thermophotovoltaic (TPV) cells made of GaSb semiconductors were investigated using a pseudo blackbody-surface. An electric heater furnace was used as a blackbody source. In addition, a water-cooled wave guide with a mirror-like surface was used to provide the pseudo blackbody surface just above the TPV cells that were manufactured through a molecular beam epitaxial growth method. The conversion efficiency reached 4% in the range of wavelength shorter than 1.8 microns at the blackbody source temperature of 941K. The maximum output power was 18mW/cm2 at 1124K.

  1. D.Hirashima, Y.Kameya and K.Hanamura, Heat Transfer-Asian Researches, 38,141,(2009)

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