Thermal resistance of Au/sapphire interfaces with different micro-structures

Y. Xu1, R. Kato1 and M. Goto1

1National Institute for Materials Science, Japan

Keywords: interface, thermal resistance, micro-structure, sputter, evaporation
property: interfacial thermal resistance
material: Au, sapphire

In this paper, thermal resistance of Au/sapphire interfaces produced by different deposition methods and conditions was measured and compared. Transmission electron microscopic images show that the grain size of Au varies from 10 nm to 200 nm, and the fraction of contact area between Au film and sapphire substrate varies from 20% to 100%. The interfacial thermal resistance was measured by a frequency domain thermoreflectance method. The Au/sapphire interfacial thermal resistance changed from 35.5×10-9 m2KW-1 to 123.0×10-9 m2KW-1. The change in interfacial thermal resistance is explained by the effect of detachment using a parallel arranged thermal resistance model, the effect of grain size, and the influence of chemical bonding at the interface.

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