Excess properties evaluation of n-alkanes binary liquid mixtures with use of acoustic measurements results

T. Khasanshin1, V. Samuilov1, A. Shchamialiou1 and N. Starovoitova1

1Mogilev State University of Food Technology

Keywords: acoustic measurement
property: excess properies
material: n-alkanes binary liquid mixtures

Studying of excess properties play an important role in thermodynamic researches of mixtures. Excess properties representing deviation of real mixture properties from properties of ideal mixture, this deviation depending on mixture composition and state parameters. Selection of model ideal mixture is essential for excess properties determination. Since dependences character of real mixtures most full detect by their comparison with corresponding dependences for ideal mixtures.

In according with abovementioned molar volume, isobaric molar heat capacity of ideal mixture was determined with using of molar-additive rule, and isothermal compressibility with using of volume-addition rule. In compliance with well-known thermodynamic relations adiabatic compressibility and speed of sound in ideal mixture was calculated.

In the given work calculation of following excess properties was carried out: molar volume , isobaric molar heat capacity , isothermal and adiabatic compressibilities, and also speed of sound deviation from its values in ideal mixture . Binary liquid mixtures of n-hexane, n-octane, n-decane and n-dodecane with n-hexadecane was investigated at temperatures 298–433 K and pressures 0.1–100 MPa. Properties of real mixtures, and also properties of pure components were determined with using of own speed of sound measurements.

It is shown that with increasing of carbon atoms number in molecule of the first component the excess properties values decreases in all investigated range of parameters; the mixture dodecane + hexadene is close to the ideal mixture.

The calculated excess properties depending on mixture composition at constant temperatures and pressures were approximated by polynomial equations.

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