Viscosity analysis of thermal peloids for use in thermotherapy

L. Casás1, J. Legido1, M. Mourelle1, C. Medina1 and C. Gómez1

1Departament of Applied Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Vigo, Vigo, Spain

Keywords: peloids
property: viscosity
material: mineral water, clay

Peloids are therapeutic agents, which are used for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes, at thermal centres. They are made up of a solid component, generally clay or sediment, which is mixed with natural mineral water or seawater, and such mixtures are either subject to a maturation process or are heated prior to their direct application on a part of the body.

The physical properties of thermal peloids are important because they influence their thermotherapeutic capacity, texture and ease of application. Therefore, such properties will be researched into prior to carrying out any research on patients. Density, specific heat, thermal conductivity and viscosity are some of the most interesting physical properties.

This paper studies the viscosity of mixtures obtained by combining clays with different types of mineral waters and furthermore analyses the influence of such mineralised waters.

Acknowledgements: This research was supported by funds provided by the Xunta de Galicia (10 PXIB 310 153 PR). We are grateful to Mrs. Sofía Baz and Mrs Mª Perfecta Salgado (Dep. of Applied Physics, University of Vigo) for the technical support.

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