Behaviour of density and surface tension as a function of temperature mixing 1-alkanol + n-alkane

J. Corralo1, L. Casás1 and J. Legido1

1Departament of Applied Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Vigo, Vigo, Spain

Keywords: temperature behaviour
property: density, surface tension
material: 1-alkanol, n-alkane

From an applied point of view, surface tension and density are important physical properties that affect the solution of different problems in order to develop industrial processes. For example, the surface tension plays an important role in mass transfer processes such as absorption, extraction, distillation, etc. From a fundamental point of view, knowledge of the properties above cited, together with other physical properties such as dielectric permittivity, refractive index, viscosity, specific heat, thermal conductivity, etc., provide substantial information about the molecular influence on the intensity of the interactions in fluid mixtures.

For several years our research group has been conducting systematic studies of densities and surface properties of binary and ternary mixtures [1-4]. In this paper we study the temperature behaviour of the density and surface tension of mixtures 1-alkanol + n-alkane. In addition, excess molar volumes and surface tension deviation were calculated from densities and surface tensions of the pure liquids and their mixtures, respectively.

The densities were measured with a densimeter Anton Paar DMA 4500, and the surface tensions with a tensiometer Lauda TVT2 automatic.

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