Measurement and correlation of the solubility of water in the carbon dioxide rich phase using the cubic-plus-association equation of state

S. Kim1, S. Kim1 and J. Kang1

1Department of Chemical Engineering, Korea University, Korea

Keywords: equation of state
property: solubility
material: water, carbon dioxide

Phase equilibrium for mixture composed of carbon dioxide and water is of great importance for the design and operation of carbon dioxide sequestration processes. Although solubility of carbon dioxide in water-rich phase have been measured and analyzed in many research works, solubility of water in carbon dioxide rich phase have fewer measurements and analysis is difficult. Furthermore, the measured data points are not in good agreement within experimental uncertainties. In this research, the solubility of water in carbon dioxide-rich phase have been measured at the pressure of 10.13 MPa and at the temperature ranging from 293 to 312 K. The measured results were compared with previous measurements and analyzed using the Cubic-Plus-Association Equation of State (CPA EoS), considering the association of water molecules and the solvation effect between water and carbon dioxide.

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