Calibration fluid for diesel injection pump : density (up to 140 mpa) and viscosity (up to 200 MPa) between 293.15 K and 353.15 K

J. Bazile1, M. Milhet1, J. Daridon1 and C. Boned1

1Laboratoire des fluides complexes et leurs réservoirs - Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour - France

Keywords: high pressure, transport properties
property: density, viscosity
material: diesel, normafluid

It is important to know the physical properties at high temperature and high pressure of new diesels to respond to the technical constraints of engines and especially of injectors, outlet pressure of which may vary from 130 MPa to 200 MPa. The French NADIA-BIO project (New Advanced Diesel Injection Analysis for BIO fuels) tries to answer this issue. Our study is part of this project and we particularly focused on measures of density and viscosity of diesel fluids at high pressure and high temperature. A first step of our study was to investigate the Norma Fluid (Shell V-Oil 1404) which is a calibration fluid for diesel injection pumps and, whose physical properties are in principle close to those of diesel.

Density has been measured (135 points) with a vibrating-tube Anton Paar HPM densimeter in the temperature range 283.15K - 403.15K and the pressure range 0.1 MPa - 140 MPa. For pressure above 140 MPa, density data have been extrapolated using the TAIT equation. Measurement uncertainty is + / - 0.5kg.m-3.

Viscosity has been measured (44 points) with a falling body viscometer, developed in the laboratory, in the temperature range 293.15 K - 353.15 K and up to 200 MPa with an uncertainty of + / - 2% at low pressures up to + / - 5% at high pressures. At atmospheric pressure (0.1 MPa), the viscosity has been measured with a classical capillary viscometer (Ubbelohde) and the measurement uncertainty is + / - 1%. Some representative relations are presented.

* This poster is in relation with a poster on the same compound, concerning the ultrasound velocity, which will give additional information.

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