Investigation O kinetic of oxidation of auriferous antimony - Mercurial concentrat

M. Abdusalyamova1, S. Gadoev1 and O. Rakhmatov1

1Institute of chemistry Tajik Acad. Sci, Tajikistan

Keywords: kinetic, concentrate, oxidation
property: thermodinamic
material: powders

To study kinetics of obtain antimony oxide from a calcine there was used thermogravimetric method, based on continuous weighing of the sanples. The method allows to determine the kinetic parameters of oxidation. The oxidation process was carried out at 300-500°C.By the kinetic curves, plotted according the change mass to the time were calculated the rate of oxidation at each temperature , calculated apparent activation energy. This work was supported by International Science & technology Center(ISTC), #Project T-1598

  1. M.N. Abdusalyamova, S.A. GadoevDokladi AN RT, 10, 56, 2009

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