Hot ring method for measuring thermophysical properties

V. Vretenár1, Ľ. Kubičár1, V. Boháč1 and P. Dieška2

1Institute of Physics SAS, Bratislava, Slovakia
2Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, STU, Bratislava, Slovakia

Keywords: hot ring, transient technique
property: thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, specific heat
material: PMMA

New sensor for measuring thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat of solids is presented. The plane sensor, in the form of hot ring, generates the heat flux and simultaneously measures the temperature response. An analytical solution of the temperature function has been derived for an ideal model and used for data calculation. Reliability of the method is inspected by measurement on standard reference sample PMMA, whereas for heterogeneous materials, comparison tests with the Pulse transient method have been realized on several samples. Appropriate design of the sensor has been chosen in accordance with the finite element method analysis and experimentally verified by infrared camera pictures. Overall accuracy of the method together with possible source of errors is discussed. This work was supported by the Slovak Research and Development Agency under the contract No. APVV-0641-10 and by the European Micro and Nano Technology (MNT) support programme - project MAFINCO.

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