Thermodynamic modeling and applications to phase equilibrium calculations with the Cubic Plus Association (CPA) and the Universal Mixing Rule (UMR) models

D. Tassios1

1National Technical University of Athens, Greece

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The importance of phase equilibria correlation and prediction in the industrial world is outlined and two main contributions of our Laboratory in this direction:

  1. The Cubic-Plus-Association EoS (CPA): G.M. Kontogeorgis, E. Voutsas, I. Yakoumis and D.P. Tassios, “An equation of state for associating fluids”, Ind.Eng.Chem.Res., 35:4310-4318, 1996.
  2. The Universal Mixing Rule combined with the Peng-Robinson EoS and UNIFAC model (UMR-PRU) EoS: E. Voutsas, K. Magoulas, D. Tassios, D., "Universal mixing rule for cubic equations of state applicable to symmetric and asymmetric systems: Results with the Peng-Robinson equation of state", Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 43 (2004) 6238.

are presented and compared with other models of similar type.

It is demonstrated that CPA, while much simpler than the PCP-SAFT, performs equally well and often better, which explains its application in a variety of applications from pharmaceutical to gas hydrates.

It is next demonstrated that the UMR-PRU model provides very satisfactory performance in the natural gas field phase envelop predictions.

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