Transport properties research at Xi’an Jiaotong University

J. Wu1

1Xi'an Jiaotong University, P.R. China

Keywords: thermal conductivity, transient hotwire, vibrating wire, viscosity
property: transport properties
material: alternative refrigerants and alternative fuel

In past a few years, lots of research about transport properties has been carried out in Xi’an Jiaotong University. Most researches are about thermal conductivity and viscosity. For thermal conductivity, Not only the transient hot wire instruments for liquid and solid but also a fully automated apparatus based on the quasi-steady state technique and thermal conductivity probe were tried. The thermal conductivity measurements of fluids, covering a temperature range from (80 to 600) K and pressure up to 30 MPa, have been performed by a transient hot-wire technique with single/two anodized tantalum hot wire. The uncertainty of the thermal conductivity was ±2 % for liquid with a coverage factor of k = 2. We also use the transient hot wire method to measure the thermal conductivity of solids, the accuracy of measurements are estimated better than 3 %. In viscosity measurement, vibrating wire instrument for liquid and oscillating disk viscometer of the Maxwell type for gas were developed in our group. The vibrating wire instrument capable of simultaneous viscosity and density measurements with high precision up to 30 MPa in pressure and 400 K in temperature was designed, and the estimated accuracy of the measurements is ±2 % in viscosity and ±0.2 % in density, respectively. In the past a few years, viscosities and thermal conductivities of some alternative fuels and refrigerants were also measured in our group.

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