Density of 1-butyl-3-methylpyridinium tetrafluoroborate at high temperatures and pressures

J. Safarov1,2, I. Kul3, W. El-Awady4, A. Shahverdiyev2 and E. Hassel1

1University of Rostock, Germany
2Azerbaijan Technical University, Azerbaijan
3Widener University, USA
4Mansoura Univeristy, Egypt

Keywords: vibration tube densimeter, period of vibration, equation of state, isothermal compressibility, isobaric thermal expansibility
property: density
material: EMD Chemicals Inc., Germany (Product Code 4.90122.0100)

Ionic liquids are salts that are liquid at low temperature (e no detectable vapor pressures. Their physical and chemical properties can be tailored to meet specific applications by varying the length and branching of the alkane chains of the cationic and anionic parts. In addition to these, many ionic liquids are completely miscible with organic solvents. Thus, ionic liquids are characterized as promising solvents for clean processes and green chemistry. These liquids are promising ideal systems which can be used for different purposes in chemical catalysis, separation processes and electrochemistry. (p,ρ,T) properties of [B3mpy][BF4] at T=(283.15 to 393.15) K and at pressures p = (0.101 to 100) MPa using a new modernized high pressure – high temperature Anton-Paar DMA HPM vibrating tube densimeter. The temperature in the measuring cell was controlled using a thermostat (F32 - ME Julabo, Germany) with an error of ±10 mK and was measured using the (ITS-90) Pt100 thermometer (Type 2141) with an experimental error of ±15 mK. Pressure was measured by a pressure transmitter P-10 (WIKA Alexander Wiegand GmbH & Co., Germany) with an experimental uncertainty of 0.1 % of the measured value. The density measurements is predicted to be equivalent to the reproducibility of the density measurements, i.e. Δρ/ρ = ±(0.01 to 0.08) %. Densities of [B3mpy][BF4] at ambient pressure and at temperatures T=(283.15 to 363.15) K were also measured using Anton-Paar DMA 5000 vibrating tube densimeter. The measured densities as a function of pressure and temperature were fitted to the equation of state, which describe the experimental results of density of [B3mpy][BF4] within ±0.0083 % percent, corresponding to 0.1209 kg m-3 standard with a maximal deviation of 0.45 kg m-3. This equation was used for the calculation of the thermal properties of the ionic liquid, such as isothermal compressibility, isobaric thermal expansibility, differences in isobaric and isochoric heat capacities, thermal pressure coefficient and internal pressure. All density values from literature have been compared with our results and show good agreement.

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