Experimental investigation of Cv,x, P-ρ-T properties and equation of state

M. Zaripova1, H. Zoirov1, S. Tagoev1, S. Najmiddinov1, M. Safarov1 and A. Toshov1

1Tajik Technical University after named by ac. M.S.Osimi, Tajikistan

Keywords: n-hexane –water, binary systems
property: P-ρ-T properties
material: aerozine –water, methyl ethyl hydrazine-water

Experimental investigations of the Cv,x, P-ρ-T properties of the aerozine –water, methyl ethyl hydrazine-water systems with the different compositions (x) 0.122, 0.201, 0.249,0.257,0.301, 0.348, 0.452, 0.543,0.586, 0.612 and 0.635 molar fractions (m.f.) H2O were made with a high-temperature adiabatic calorimeter. The mixtures with 0.256 and 0.615 m.f. H2O were studied over the wide range of densities (ρ) from 208.6 kg m-3 and from 191.4 to 416.7 kg m-3 , respectively. For the description of some of the thermodynamic properties of the aerozine –water, methyl ethyl hydrazine-water binary systems, the equation of state proposed by Jin et al. was used. Investigation of the thermodynamic properties of binary systems is of wide inte-rest, but experimental data are limited or even absent. The n-hexane –water system has been studied (Brunner [1]; De Loos et al.[2]; Tian Yiling et al.[3]; Victorov et al. [4]; Komilov I. et al.[5], but most of the investigations have taken place at high water concentrations at pressures above 98.1 MPa. In our work, we tried to measure the Cv,x, P-ρ-T properties (Cv,x , isochoric heat capacity; P, pressure; V, volume; T, temperature) in the investigated range of the state parameters and to explain some properties using the crossover equation of state. The isochoric heat capacity and PVT properties for the binary system n-hexane -water were investigated with the Amikhanov adiabatic calorimeter (Amirkhanov et al. [6]). The error in determination of the isochoric heat capacity was 1-1.5%, density, 0.1%, pressure, 0.09 %.

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