Petrophysical measurements to optimize the development of heavy oil and natural bitumen

A. Lipaev1 and L. Alekseeva1

1Almetyevsk State Oil Institute, Russia

Keywords: thermal methods, reservoir stimulation
property: porosity, permeability, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, heat capacity
material: heavy oil , natural bitumen

It is a common knowledge that heavy oil and natural bitumen fields are developed by thermal methods of reservoir stimulation. There is a necessity for preliminary study of petrophysical characteristics of the oil reservoir rocks (porosity, permeability, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, heat capacity, etc.). There are reliable and proven methods for measuring reservoir rock properties, but the study of their thermal parameters causes some difficulties. To measure the thermal properties of rocks in laboratory it is necessary to simulate the conditions of their occurrence in the reservoir (in-situ conditions) and, first of all, high temperature and pressure. In this regard, the author suggests an apparatus for thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and heat capacity study when simulating thermodynamic conditions of oil reservoir on the basis of periodic heating method. This apparatus can be used to determine other petrophysical properties as well. The latter will enhance the efficiency and optimization of thermal stimulation method for recovery of heavy oil and natural bitumen.

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