Near-field radiative heat transfer of mesoporous materials

J. Li1, X. Zhang1 and Y. Feng1

1School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing, P.R. China

Keywords: near-field radiative heat transfer
property: thermal conductivity, heat transfer coefficient
material: mesoporous materials, mesoporous composites, nanocomposites

In this paper we review surface electromagnetic waves that thermally excite the electromagnetic field. We analyze near-field radiative heat transfer, using the fluctuation dissipation theorem and Green function, when the surfaces’ distances are smaller than the wavelength. The calculated results are used in mesoporous materials. The research shows that, radiative heat transfer at mesoscale will be several orders higher than that at macroscale. Besides the distance, the shape and the dielectric constant of materials are very important factors to the near-field radiative heat transfer, and the temperature is less important.

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