The influence of laser processing on the emissivity of ASTM A681 steel.

P. Vacíková1 and M. Honner1

1University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic

Keywords: laser engraving, laser hardening
property: emissivity
material: steel

The ASTM A681 (95MnWCr, ISO 4957) steel is a material applied to produce machine tools. Engraving by pulsed lasers and hardening by continuous lasers are used to change the surface geometry and mechanical properties. Infrared camera systems help to identify thermal processes during the laser treatment of the material surface. Emissivity in the wavelength 7.5-13 um is required to evaluate the noncontact temperature measurement.

This contribution presents the results of the study focused on the influence of the laser processing on the emissivity of the steel surface. The original machined surface, laser engraved surfaces produced by various pulse frequency and scanning speed and laser hardened surfaces produced by various power and processing speed are under investigation. Relations of the emissivity to the surface roughness and morphology are presented. Temperature dependency of the emissivity is also discussed.

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