Temperature dependent thermal properties of thin films up to high temperatures – pulsed photothermal radiometry measurement system and Si-B-C-N films

J. Martan1, J. Čapek1 and E. Amin Chalhoub1

1Department of Physics, University of West Bohemia, Plzeň, Czech Republic

Keywords: pulsed photothermal radiometry
property: thermal conductivity, specific heat
material: Si-B-C-N, thin films

A new arrangement of pulsed photothermal radiometry measurement system has been developed for measurement of thermal properties of thin films up to high temperatures. Only a few methods are available in this temperature range for thin films thermal properties investigation, but there is a need for their knowledge in the fields of high temperature electronics and high speed machining. The present system enables simultaneous determination of the thin film effusivity, thermal conductivity, and volumetric specific heat in the temperature range from room temperature to 600°C. The samples are placed in a vacuum chamber. The temperatures in the system were verified by an infrared camera and the system was tested on known bulk samples. Advantages and shortcomings of the method when used at higher temperatures and in the vacuum are described and discussed. Furthermore, Si-B-C-N thin films were studied. These amorphous ceramic materials possess an interesting set of mechanical and thermal properties. In particular, the films of the investigated chemical composition exhibit an excellent thermal stability at temperatures of up to 1700°C. In the temperature range of the system, both the thermal conductivity and volumetric specific heat increased with increasing temperature.

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