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'N. Germanos' Conference Center
11:20 - 13:00
Special Session

Phase Equilibria 1
Hall A
11:20Thermodynamic modeling and applications to phase equilibrium calculations with the Cubic Plus Association (CPA) and the Universal Mixing Rule (UMR) models
D. Tassios1
1National Technical University of Athens, Greece
11:40Chemicals in Gas Processing (CHIGP): An industrial project for the thermodynamics of complex petroleum fluids and chemicals
G. Kontogeorgis1, I. Tsivintzelis1, M. Michelsen1 and E. Stenby1
1Center for Energy Resources Engineering (CERE), Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
12:00Activity coefficient prediction of hydrofluorocarbon + ionic liquid systems by UNIFAC model for working-fluids selection of compression and absorption hybrid cycles
L. Dong1, X. Wu1 and D. Zheng1
1Beijing University of Chemical Technology, P.R. China
12:20Measurements and modeling of vapor liquid equilibria in binary systems of methane + {n-C5, n-C6, or BTEX compounds} at cryogenic temperatures and high pressures
E. May1, M. Kandil1, B. Graham1, K. Marsh1 and S. Huang2
1Centre for Energy, The University of Western Australia, Crawley, Australia
2Chevron Energy Technology Company, Houston, TX, USA
12:40Measurements and modeling of the solubility of natural phenolic compounds in organic and supercritical solvents
A. Queimada1, J. Baldaia1, F. Mota1 and E. Macedo1
1LSRE/LCM -Laboratory of Separation and Reaction Engineering, Faculdade de Engenharia, Universidade do Porto, Porto, Portugal

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