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'N. Germanos' Conference Center
09:00 - 11:00

Photothermal Techniques 1
Hall C
09:00Thermophysical properties of thin films and boundary thermal resistances - Measurements by ultra fast laser flash methods and development of their database
T. Baba1, N. Taketoshi1, T. Yagi1 and Y. Yamashita1
1National Metrology Institute of Japan, AIST, Japan
09:20Fly-ash influence on thermal diffusivity of ceramics samples
J. Kovac1, A. Trnik1,2, I. Medved1,2 and L. Vozar1
1Constatine the Philosopher Univiersity in Nitra, Slovakia
2Czech Technical University, Czech Republic
09:40Simultaneous estimation of the temperature dependant thermal effusivity and thermal boundary resistance at the Al/Ge2Sb2Te5 interface using the time resolved pump probe technique and a Bayesian estimation approach
J. Battaglia1, O. Fudym2, H. Orlande3, V. Schick1, A. Kusiak1, C. Rossignol1 and C. Wiemer4
1Universit├ę de Bordeaux 1, France
3University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
4Laboratorio MDM , Italia
10:00Photoacoustic studies on nuclear materials
P. Perumal1, K. Perumal1, C. Sanjeeviraja2 and K. Ramachandran3
1Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, India
10:20Enhanced IR-optical and electrical properties of sol-gel derived tco thin films for energy-efficient window applications
M. Rydzek1, N. Wolf1, M. Arduini-Schuster1 and J. Manara1
1Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research (ZAE Bayern), Germany
10:40Thermal diffusivity measurement on sub-mm specimen using heat diffusion image by spot heating thermoreflectance
T. Yagi1, S. Firoz2, N. Taketoshi1 and T. Baba1
1National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
2Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Japan

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