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'N. Germanos' Conference Center
14:00 - 15:40

Nanocomposites 1
Hall D
14:00Nano/Micro thermophysical properties sensing engineering and its applications
Y. Nagasaka1
1Keio University, Hiyoshi, Yokohama, Japan
14:20Synthesis of the copper and bronze nanopowders and materials on their basis
B. Gelchinski1,3, E. Dyuldina2 and L. Zolotukhina3
1Institute of Metallurgy of Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, Russia
2Magnitogorsk State Technical Unoversity, Russia
3Fine Metal Powders Company, Russia
14:40Evaluation of thermal conductivity of single walled carbon nanotube composite film (SWNT-PVA samples with different length, density and alignment)
T. Sato1, Y. Taguchi2 and Y. Nagasaka2
1School of Integrated Design Engineering, Keio University, Japan
2Department of System Design Engineering, Keio University, Japan
15:00Thermal conductivity of three-component composites of core-shell particles with nanostructured shell layer
S. Kim1, S. Mun1, H. Choi2 and K. Lee2
1Center for High-Temperature Energy-Materials, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Sungbuk-Gu, Seoul, Korea
2R&D Center of Donghyun Electronics Co., Ltd., Cheongbuk, Pyeongtaek-Si, Korea
15:20Thermal conductivity of carbon nanotubes with point defects
W. Li1, Y. Feng1 and X. Zhang1
1University of Science and Technology Beijing, P.R. China

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