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  • 2nd International Symposium on Thermal Design and Thermophysical Property for Electronics and Energy (e-Therm 2010),
    Tsukuba city, Japan, December 15 - 17, 2010.

    This symposium is planned for providing an opportunity to present papers and discuss a control and effective use of heat support sustained growth of society and industry in energy and electronics fields. The fields of application include thermal design and thermal countermeasure for LED, electronic device, semiconductor device, memory storage, flat panel display, power electronics devices and electrical storage device, and saving energy in housing, office and electric appliances. Sophistication of thermal design by improvement of quantification of heat transfer simulation based on reliable thermophysical property data is the keyword. From the viewpoint of development and evaluation of materials with superior thermal functions, sessions on measurement technology and data for thermophysical property of high temperature melt, high temperature electronic ceramics, transparent conductive film, diamond thin film and thermoelectric material will be held. Regarding measurement technology for thermophysical property value, international standard, standardization, traceability, uncertainty and thermophysical property database are focused as technical infrastructure for thermal science and engineering.


  • 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF11),
    Thessaloniki, Greece, August 22-24, 2011.

    The conference objective is to address the state-of-the-art knowledge in the area of heat transfer and fluid flow at the micro and nano-scale level. The development of new micro and nanotechnologies is fast paced, but there are still many issues to be resolved in the areas of biofluid mechanics and thermofluid engineering, ranging from the fundamental simulation of fluid flow to the design and fabrication of small-scale devices. The meeting is the second in a series to act as a focus for research, development and collaboration on the engineering aspects of micro and nano flows in technical devices as well as biomedical structures and prostheses. The conference intends to provide a forum for scientists and engineers from academia and industry to present and discuss recent advances in their research on both thermal and isothermal fluid phenomena at the micro and nano scale level. The colloquium will present the cutting edge of international research for micro and nano-flow engineering.
    While learning about the advances being made in this exciting new field, there will be ample time to discuss the opportunities arising from these developments with scientists and engineers attending, while allowing for synergy and unique cross-over opportunities between biomedicine and technology.



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