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If this is the first time you visit Greece (if that is possible!!!), we strongly recommend the following trip advices or at least some of them.

    1. Vergina: Vergina is forty minutes away from Thessaloniki by car and it is the underground place where in 1986 the tombs of King Phillip, the father of Alexander the Great, were discovered. To preserve the integrity of the place a large dom is placed over the royal tombs and the ground is covered in its original fashion. The effect is spectacular! The accompanying persons will visit the place anyway.

    2. Chalkidiki: Halkidiki, or at least the two peninsulas of Sithonia and Kassandra, are one-hour drive away from Thessaloniki and are famous for the beautiful beaches of light-blue-color warm water. We do suggest renting a car and go around Halkidiki for three - four days. The conference time will be at the end of the touristic season, so it still will be quite warm but not so many tourists around (unless all of 400 of you decide to go there!!!). Do explore the whole area!
    For the male participants the third peninsula is Mount Athos. This is a very old church state of old monasteries. A passport visa is required and you can take the boat from Ierisos harbour. So if you like waking up at five in the morning to listen to church choirs, living in monasteries in another century and see no women, this is your place!

    3. Athens: We do suggest stopping for two days in Athens. When you will walk among the dirty buildings full of noises and sounds and suddenly in between you will face the Acropolis, then you will understand what it is all about. You must walk in the night through Thisio and up to Plaka only to get a feeling that there is another kind of life...
    From Athens to Thessaloniki is only half an hour flight, but there is also an excellent motorway that connects the two cities in a five-hours drive. If you choose to take the second approach, you must visit the oracle in Delfoi (just to check on your future) and the new museum.
    Also, about half way is Meteora, monasteries built on top of huge rocks in the middle of nowhere. Very interesting to see, in the old times they used to throw a basket for you to go up, but nowadays there is a road.

    4. Santorini: The island of Santorini is in the group of Cyclades Islands in the middle of Aegean Sea and easily accessible from Athens (Pireus) by fast boats or planes. It is a volcanic island with an amazing indescribable and surely breathtaking view, and a sunset that is guarantied to bring out the romance in all of you! So, if you want to fall in love again, this is your place! As for the volcano, although it destroyed in its eruption, the whole Minoan civilization, we have made arrangements to be stable for 1,000 more years...


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