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17:00 - 20:00: WELCOME RECEPTION (HELEXPO, and registration start)


09:30 - 15:30: VERGINA

    75 km from Thessaloniki, Vergina has enjoyed worldwide reknown in the past few decades, due to the discovery there of the ancient city of Aigai, the ancient capital of the Macedonian kings, and its cemetery in 1977 by archaeologist M. Andronikos. Of particular note are the tombs of King Philip II (father of Alexander the Great), and this of a young prince, identified as Alexander IV.


    09:30 Departure from HELEXPO
    10:30 Arrival at Vergina, visit to the royal tombs (and museum)
    12:30 Visit to the Palace ruins
    13:00 Lunch in a nearby taverna
    14:30 Departure
    15:30 Return to HELEXPO
    COST : 20-30 Euros (depending on the number of participants) - cost only includes bus and entrance fees. 

18:40 - 20:00: GREEK NIGHT (at HELEXPO, finger food and .....)


09:00 - 12:00: THESSALONIKI

    Tuesday morning is free to explore the city at your leisure. Student-guides (in yellow t-shirts) will be available (from 9.00 to 12.00) in front of the following places in order to help you know the city - a city on the crossroads of East and West, boasting a history of over 2,300 years :
    - White Tower (where you can visit an exhibition on the city’s history)
    - Archaeological Museum (which currently hosts the Alexander collection)
    - Arch of Galerius and Rotonda
    - St Demetrius Church (where you can visit the catacombs)
    - The Kapani old market
    - St Sofia Church
    - Jewish Museum and Ladadika (old olive oil market)
    - the byzantine city walls (usually referred to as “the Castles”).
(Please, keep in mind that the students are not professional guides, they are there to help you).

12:30 - 14:00: Lunch at HELEXPO

    Afternoon free - we suggest you take a walk in the old city (take a taxi to the Moni Vlatadon church, enjoy the view and then just walk down to the city center) or just go shopping (Tuesdays, shops stay open until 8 pm and Thessaloniki is famous for the shopping experience it offers... ).



    90 km from Thessaloniki, Dion, situated at the foot of mount Olympus, is the site of an ancient Macedonian city, a large temple of Zeus, as well as of a series of temples dedicated to Demeter and Egyptian Isis. Alexander assembled his armies in Dion before embarking on his eastward campaign of conquest. In 2006, a 2,200 year old statue of Hera was found built into the walls of the city.
    20 km further down the motorway, we turn left and drive 6 km up the mountain to the old village of Palaios Panteleimon, one of the most beautifully restored, traditional villages where we will have a refreshing walk, enjoy the unique view on the Aegean and have lunch.


    09:00 Departure from HELEXPO
    10:30 Arrival at Dion, visit to the archaeological site and museum
    11:30 Departure for Palaios Panteleimon
    12:00 Palaios Panteleimon, walk and lunch in a local taverna
    14:30 Departure
    16:00 Return to HELEXPO
    COST : 20-30 Euros (depending on the number of participants) - cost only includes bus and entrance fees. 

19:10 - : GALA DINNER (at the Roof Garden of Porto Palace Hotel - busses depart from HELEXPO)

Thursday 1st

09:00 - 12:00: FREE

    PLEASE NOTE: In order to organize the program as efficiently as possible, if you want to participate on the MONDAY or/and WEDNESDAY daily excursions, please send an email to : 

    Ms Ivi Armyra at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before July 31st, clearly indicating your preferences, as well as the number and names of participants. No payment in advance is necessary.

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